Splaying with light

Yeah, it's quick and messy.
But fun to think about. Needs work, but hey.
I owe many people many things.
I'm trying to get it all done.

At least I still have my job.


messing about

so yeah. i dunno



and just cleaned up a bit.

Cyber sketch

My character, Cyberette in one of her suits.
Sketched out.

I unno.
I feel like crap.

To be finished some other time.


Black White Red

Simple Strokes. More like a sketch, I guess.
Kinda like the minimal, sketchy.... thing. lately.
Just focusing on kinda form... and little detail.
I dunno.

Can't sleep.
Brain won't stop.


Finished this one.

I don’t draw robots often at all.

If ever. So this was a learning experience.

Characters are:

Girl: Cyberette/Jess © Joshua Tingdahl

Robot: Blit-X/Aiden © Fruxie


Every Day

She wants 'Three'. Of whatever it is she wants. You decide.

Tried some new things.
I just want to do at least one piece a day. Doesn't matter if it really gets finished, to me. But the closer, the better.

Kept this simple. I don't even know what I was doing.


Livestreamed sketches.

Streamed some sketches.
Met some new people, gave pointers about how I, personally do things. it was fun.

Here's some of the stuff that came out of it.

A concept about angerbunny...
A character named Michelle...
some Redhead being gawked at...
and A revisit to an old sketch which i wanna get all done up nice.


can't sleep last few days.

i think in the last 48 hours i've gotten 3 hours of broken sleep.

Which brings me to my next thought. i think zombies are menacing mostly because they don't sleep. They aren't restricted by times of days, or cycles of the moon or anything like that, either. Once you have zombies, you're kinda screwed.

Anyhow. just doodling since I can't really focus on anything.



Here's another piece i did for no money. But it was fun, though i'm sure the range for interested individuals for this piece is as broad as it is, in the same turn, narrow.

But. i do like evil, idealized, objectified, imaginary women, i suppose.
Still fun.

And there's a mature content blocker thing thing before you got here. So.
Be mature.

Also. The comment about liking objectified women was an attempt at sarcasm. And really, i don't find myself wanting to participate in a long-winded debate about what women are portrayed as in comics and whether i should feel bad about it. So here's all I'll say about it: Newsflash! Men do not look, in real life, the way they do in comics, either! Nor are they usually masters of everything, leaders of everything, pilots of everything, carry guns, swords, drive futuristic cars, are invincible, have more than one life, fly, wear spandex on 99% of their bodies, have perfect teeth, on TOP of the muscles on muscles on muscles. Even the 'skinny' men in comics have more muscle than your average guy. Even the average guy in a comic has more muscle than an average actual guy. The same guy drawing the women in that book is drawing those ridiculous guys, too, with those tight, tight buns and pecs the size of small automobiles, which dwarf most men's actual appearance and have just as much ability to make them feel bad or inadequate about themselves, too. so shut it.

And have a nice day.

but what i'm doing.

i guess i should put up what i'm being paid to do, too.
Since they're okay with it.

There's some issues. background is practically nonexistant.

Real Artistry.

So. Hey.
Uhm. Hi.

It's seems i've done what i usually end up doing. Or what i used to do. Or maybe what i still actually do, but am fooling myself into thinking i won't.

This blog is kind of an eyesore. changes coming, later.

You know. There are people like me who always wanted to be an artist. At least in the head. Or thought they wanted to be. And still do. But then there are people who really... just are artists. i think i'm the first one. My Sister is the second.

i want to get more work finished... things are looking kind of bleak on the job front. i feel like a failure. i know people don't want to read about this kind of thing...

so here. pictures of people having better times.
these aren't finished, but they're the pictures i want to do... the kinds of things...
i dunno.

...Well. i guess the pictures are up there, instead.

But. you know. you should be watching out for my sister.

if you want art.