So, what's going on?

Still sketching up designs. Thinking of direction. The starting point of the story, itself. The problem I see is basically that I could start it just about anywhere at this point. But wait, wait, wait. What am I even talking about?

My Story Idea: "Angerbunny"

I'm really adverse to reveal too much yet, but this has been kicking around in my head for YEARS, now. That crazy looking Jackalope up there? That's the main character. One of, anyhow.

So, what CAN I say? Well. The Angerbunny is a term of endearment for a wildly impulsive, vengeful, excitable, violent, and loud ...jackalope. A being of the ID, mostly, but not entirely. It is my hopes that it should be humorous, if not extreme. Buuuut, there really is a purpose for it all.

You'll see.

But yes. Still sketching. I don't know exactly when the comic will begin but, I may begin putting it out soon.

Aside from all that, I'm glued to what's going on in Tehran. Regardless of that particular culture's beliefs and thoughts of Americans in general, I hope that they get the ability to voice themselves and gain some freedoms. It's maddening to hear the protesters being blatantly threatened with pain, and further; Death for gathering to express what they believe in. My best wishes to the protesters.

Also. North Korea. What the FUCK. Seriously. Firing a Missile toward Hawaii for the 4th of July? What Next. Seriously. I'm starting to become upset.


O: "It's not like that's the only way to make money."
K: "Yes? Yes, well what are you going to do?"
O: "I'll do some consulting."
K: "Consulting."
O: "Yes. To help out, while uhm... I've always wanted to write."
K: "Write. Write what?"
O: "I've been thinking about writing a, uhm. A book or uhh, you know a sort of...memoirs."
K: [disbelieving laughter]
:[(-Burn After Reading-)]:

Right now, I kind of feel like this is my life.
But it's more that I'm taking on both roles.
On the one hand I want to pursue my ideas.
On the other I feel like I'm just being a stupid fucking asshole.